Terms and conditions

Payment and delivery of products from this online shop are subject to the Swedish act (2005: 59) on distance contracts and off business premises (distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler).


The amount you see in the basket is the amount you must pay for the art, including VAT. VAT is later specified as you checkout your order and on your e-mailed receipt.

Additional costs

Additional costs for delivery is calculated and added as you fill in shipping details. I do not add any costs appart from the mail or shipping company fees.

How to pay

Your can pay with your credit card or an invoice/bankgiro note. I currently accept VISA and MasterCard. Credit card payments are handled by my payment partner DIBS DebiTech to guarantee fast and safe payment.

• Select payment method. You will be linked to the DIBS DebiTech secure payment server.

• Select the type of credit card , enter the card number , crv number and expiration date.

• The amount will be reserved instantly.

• When goods are sent the money is transferred via DIBS DebiTech to konstbar.


Once your order is receive a confirmation email with your order information will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered. It is also confirmed that your payment has gone through. I kindly ask you to save the order confirmation to have on hand in case of any questions about your order.


The payment is completed with DIBS checkout. When paying with your credit card so you are asked to enter the card’s expiration date and CVC code. The card details are not stored by the store.


Normal delivery time for framed pieces is under 7 days. Delivery times for prints is shorter. I use the regular mail for deliveries. Most orders are to large for mail boxes and can be collected at your nearest post office.

Can I change or cancel my order?

When you by goods online you hav extended rights to cancel  and return the goods. You can cancel in 14 days after you received the goods. To change or cancel your order you must contact me. It is easily done via email or telephone. Approved amendments will be acknowledged by e- mail as soon as possible. No changes are valid before you get them confirmed.

If the cancellation reaches Jonas Melcherson Art after the order has left us, you will have to pay for return shipping.

Damaged goods

An unlikely event, but if something is wrong or questionable with the piece you bought I ask you to contact me immediately by phone or email. I will need the artwork and packaging intact, so that we together can find out what has gone wrong. Since this is art the pieces are often unique and just comes in one copy. If you by original art you can not expect the normal online shopping service of replacing goods straight of. Contact me and we sort it out. If on the other hand an ordered print is damaged. You will of course be replaced with new flawless goods or get your money back if you prefer.

Other Information

Subject to misprints, errors in information and errors in the specification, that is always disappointing for both parts. I personally review all artwork before shipping to assure te (on my part) intended quality, but of course I gratefully receive you feedback. All pictures and artworks displayed online are to be seen as reproduced illustrations, and I can not guarantee that the image reflects the artwork’s color accuracy.


The personal information you provide to us will not be forwarded, sold, exchanged or shared with other companies, organizations or individuals without your consent. We only use your information to provide you with a good and smooth service.


In the event of natural disasters, strikes, government decisions, failed deliveries from suppliers, costly event and similar events beyond our control which could not reasonably have been foreseen and which affect contractual agreements and commitments from our site in a way that allows us not can keep that agreement/pledge, is the basis that we released from our obligations to fulfil that contract/commitment. Customers are notified in these cases.